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Aarnio Tools Ltd

Aarnio Tools Ltd is a versatile distributor of tools for all industries. We are known for our ability to solve problems: We will eliminate all tool related issues by finding the most efficient equipment for your needs. To find the most unique solution for our customers, we regularly visit factories to show our specialized tools and new products, and to make sure that what we offer is exactly what our customers need.

We have years of experience in the field and our brands are carefully chosen to ensure the best quality, reliability and long-lasting products for our customers. Find out how we can help you and order your tools from a trusted distributor.

The distributor
you can trust

We have more than 10 years of experience in special tools supply. We have the means and the catalogue of tools to help when work at its current state is inefficient and expensive. You can rely on us to solve your problems even when you don’t know the tool needed yet.

We offer quality products only

mm. Facom, Ko-ken, Snap-on, Kukko, Müller, Wiha, Beta, Momento, Knipex, Hultafors, Hazet, Gedore, Stahlwille, KS-Tools, NWS, Wilpu, Diager, Globe, Morse, Bibielle, Consiglio, Festool, Kränzle, Makita, Milwaukee, Hikoki, Desoutter, Optimum, Metallkraft, IR-paineilmakoneet, Paoli- paineilmakoneet, Enepack, Snickers, Solid Gear, Wibe, Juba, Guide, Worksafe, 3M, Ledwise, Scangrip, Yetitablet, Kuori, Wolttinen, Orapi, Kent

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